Cutting red tape

Red tape binding businessAre you interested in cuttingĀ red tape? The Australian Government has a plan to cut $1 billion in red tape every year. As part of that plan, there will be two parliamentary repeal days every year to cut unnecessary and costly legislation and regulation. Outcomes are described in the cutting red tape website.

Regulation seems to be like entropy in that it always seems to increase. We suggest a second law of regulation, analogous to the second law of thermodynamics, namely that regulation always increases (in the absence of external influences).

This prompts the question as to whether there is a first law of regulation, analogous to the first law of thermodynamics. Perhaps the impossibility of self regulating systems?

The rate of increase of volume of regulation seems to be exponential. Concerted effort by experienced practitioners will be needed to reduce regulation.

The Strategex team knows how to cutĀ regulation, because we worked on national competition policy reviews during the 1990s. We do, of course, understand the need for regulation and know how to analyse and prepare regulatory impact statements that optimise regulation.

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