Thang Nguyen

Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen

Thang Nguyen, Associate Director – Economics

Bachelor of Economics (Honours), Master Coursework (Economics)

Thang has more than 30 years’ experience with benefit cost analysis in various industries including transport, water, energy, health, human services and infrastructure sectors.

Thang’s approach in his work often involves both establishing a sound conceptual analytical framework and using suitable data analysis and quantitative methods to build an evidence base to support required economic assessment.

He has postgraduate training in econometrics and has undertaken various major quantitative assignments.

Thang has worked with energy and water utilities and has a strong understanding of critical matters associated with price regulation reviews.

Thang’s skills include:

  • Demand modelling, economic evaluation and cost benefit analysis
  • Utilities – development of pricing approaches, economic evaluation and funding mechanisms
  • Transport and social services – review of service delivery, infrastructure and facility requirements and office accommodation
  • Cost-benefit analysis of government policies, business cases for major infrastructure investments and application for public funding.