Energy production and networks

high voltage electricity network towers lines

We have worked across entire energy supply chains, in electricity, gas and hydrocarbons. We advise businesses and regulators on monopoly infrastructure, on competitive markets and consumer demand.

When electricity generation in Australia became a market in the 1990s, we worked on privatisations of power plants such as Yallourn and Hazelwood, and on private investments, such as Millmerran. We subsequently worked for electricity distribution businesses such as Energex.

Distributed generation such as rooftop solar photovoltaics is reshaping the energy sector, and we have advised governments on impacts of their solar PV policies .
Carbon dioxide emissions depend significantly on energy production – we advised on emissions inventories and carbon management.

Electric and natural gas vehicles will have major impacts on energy and transport markets, and Dr Adams led one of the most active EV teams in Australia.

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Market entry

David Adams led the market entry assessment for an energy company in 2013.

electric car charging from electricity network
Electric Vehicles

David Adams led many forecasts of take-up and usage of electric and natural gas vehicles