Social policy

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Analytics is used by private sector service providers to improve customer service offerings, such as targeted marketing. We see great opportunities to use information technology to improve evidence-based decision making in the public sector, particularly in terms of social policy.

We use analystics to extract more value from Government programs, which generally gather data as a byproduct of their administration. For example, the Home and Community Care (HACC) Minimum Data Set stores service-centred information about amounts of services provided to program recipients. We have used analytics methods for de-identified people-centred analysis of service usage, for understanding demand for services and to inform governments about decisions on what to provide.

We use simulation modelling to extend government databases, which may have limited or unreliable information. For example, we developed a computer simulation model that kept track of agents’ progress through different parts of the criminal justice system to estimate the benefits of an integrated justice information system (IJIS). This overcame the lack of unique identifier across criminal justice information systems – police record offences, judiciary record cases, and corrective service record people – which was. impeding analysis of policies to improve criminal justice.

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