Transport and land use

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Transport and land use are closely linked. We help clients assess transport demand, land value changes and infrastructure needs. This was a central theme in work done by David Adams and Bill Lee for the Auckland City Rail Link and, to an extent, for the Australian High Speed Rail 2011 study. We can help forecast value capture for relevant road and rail infrastructure investments. Land use is critical for ports and supply chains. Our port due diligence studies, for example, Port Botany/Port Kembla, assessed landside logistics constraints to achieving port throughput. Unconstrained throughput was estimated using econometric modelling, at 1-digit commodity level. Land use is also critical for airports. For example, the second Sydney Airport could be an aerotropolis with complementary land uses such as retail and accommodation. We have thought deeply about these links and written a peer reviewed paper. Email or call Strategex today to discuss how Strategex can help you optimise benefits of land use and transport changes.

Western Perth before rail undergrounding
Undergrounding rail

The Perth City Council wanted to connect Perth CBD and Northbridge urban precinct by undergrounding

roads comprise 17 per cent of Melb area
More productive space and time

Reform agenda The Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission engaged a team led by David Adams

electric car charging from electricity network
Electric Vehicles

David Adams led many forecasts of take-up and usage of electric and natural gas vehicles

Auckland City Rail Link

In 2010 Auckland Transport needed a business case for protecting the corridor for the Auckland

image high speed rail very fast train
High capacity corridors for high speed rail

Economic assessment prepared for the Australian Government with regard to high-speed rail between Melbourne, Canberra,

image Brisbane toll road Sir_Leo_Hielscher_Bridges
Queensland Motorways toll roads

David Adams led technical and commercial due diligence for one of the bidders for Queensland

resources coal loading
Port Botany and Port Kembla

David Adams led technical and commercial due diligence for one of the bidders for Port