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Water is a necessity of life but is rarely priced in accordance with value. Some people in Australia pay the same price for a litre bottle as for 1000 litres of tap water of comparable quality. We advise on demand, infrastructure and business management.

Infrastructure businesses continue to seek our advice on how to adapt to improve the reliability and quality of supply. We have also surveyed residential users as to what they are willing to pay for security of supply.

During the Brisbane drought of the mid 2000s, we assessed the economic impact of restrictions and undertook analytics of consumption.
Industrial users, such as coal miners, may sign take or pay contracts for supply of water as an input into their processing. We advised Sunwater on pricing for various industrial customer pipelines.

We modelled economies of scale for treatment of water that is a byproduct from coal seam gas production.

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image water flowing from burdekin dam
Sunwater water pipeline

David Adams modelled pricing for Sunwater pipelines.