Benefit cost and economic impacts

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Economic methods such as benefit cost and economic impacts assessments are widely used to inform decision making, especially in the public sector. Strategex undertakes economic assessments, peer-reviews economics work done by others, and explains how to present economics work to decision makers.

Clients benefit from the depth of our economics experience and from the breadth of our experience across many industries. They can understand our reports as we provide high level descriptions of methods in the main body and detailed technical descriptions in appendices. Stakeholders have great confidence in our assessments because they can challenge our methodology before we start and can request sensitivities to our results.

Non-economist clients get access to economic assessments, including balanced discussion of difficult to value impacts such as environmental and social impacts. Our reports are written for non technical audiences.

Email or call Strategex today to discuss your needs for economics inputs to inform decision making.

Auckland City Rail Link

In 2010 Auckland Transport needed a business case for protecting the corridor for the Auckland

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High capacity corridors for high speed rail

Economic assessment prepared for the Australian Government with regard to high-speed rail between Melbourne, Canberra,