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Forecasting shows what might happen in a range of possible futures to enable decisions to be made today to accommodate those futures. Strategex analyses what has happened historically, applies appropriate forecasting methodologies, and provides a narrative around what might happen under different scenarios.

Clients benefit from the depth of our forecasting experience, using econometrics, simulation and (non)linear modelling, and from the breadth of our experience across many industries.

They can understand our reports as we provide high level descriptions of methods in the main body and detailed technical descriptions in appendices. Stakeholders have great confidence in our forecasting because they can challenge our methodology before we start and can request sensitivities to our results. Clients can test a range of possible futures by asking us to forecast under different scenarios.

Email or call Strategex today for a discussion about the range of possible futures that you face and what forecasts will help you prepare for those futures.

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