Investment decisions and business cases

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When funding is constrained, more effort is required to make sound investment decisions. These can be either for individual assets, for programs, or for organisations. Strategex identifies appropriate investment logic, undertakes appropriate stakeholder engagement, prepares suitable documentation for decisions makers, advises on benefits realisation and undertakes evaluations.

Clients benefit from the rigour that we bring to investment analysis based on the breadth of our experience across many industries and the length of our experience. We have seen many programs and organisations come and go during our careers.

Decision makers receive independent assessments of schemes, based on our capacity to describe and model additionality, that is, what might happen anyway without the program or organisation. We prefer to work for clients who want a rigorous assessment of proposed investments.

Email or call Strategex today if you are concerned about the quality of information that you need to make informed investment decisions.

Western Perth before rail undergrounding
Undergrounding rail

The Perth City Council wanted to connect Perth CBD and Northbridge urban precinct by undergrounding

word cloud image foreign direct investment market entry
Market entry

David Adams led the market entry assessment for an energy company in 2013.

Auckland City Rail Link

In 2010 Auckland Transport needed a business case for protecting the corridor for the Auckland

image high speed rail very fast train
High capacity corridors for high speed rail

Economic assessment prepared for the Australian Government with regard to high-speed rail between Melbourne, Canberra,