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Sustaining local government

Is your local government sustainable? If in NSW, is your local government Fit for the Future? The NSW Government has published a tool for local governments to assess their sustainability. www.fitforthefuture.nsw.gov.au/ Strategex has been appointed to the NSW Government FFF panel, for the categories of Financial Sustainability, Asset/Infrastructure, Service Delivery/Review and Community Engagement advice. Local

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Mitigating environmental regulation

Are you interested in mitigating environmental regulation? Over time, people have placed increasing value on environmental amenities. In the absence of property rights, there is a strong case for government regulation to preserve environmental values. It is essential, although challenging, to understand the trade-offs between environmental values and other values eg economic. Revealed and stated

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Cutting red tape

Are you interested in cuttingĀ red tape? The Australian Government has a plan to cut $1 billion in red tape every year. As part of that plan, there will be two parliamentary repeal days every year to cut unnecessary and costly legislation and regulation. Outcomes are described in the cutting red tape website. Regulation seems to

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