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land price gradient

Valuing accessibility using markets

Do you agree that the land market values accessibility? Australia has a reasonably efficient market for land and housing, which can provide values for accessibility and therefore transport infrastructure. The housing market values a range of attributes, including dwelling type and size, dwelling attributes, density of living / size of land, and location. One of

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Building Perth railway station by John Stephens

How to fund transport infrastructure

Do you need to fund transport infrastructure? Transport business cases traditionally analyse travel time savings. But travel time savings can only be captured as either road tolls or mass transit fares, which is rarely sufficient to fund land transport projects. Another potential source of funding is the increase in land values due to transport infrastructure.

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leasing asset

Due diligence

Are you buying, leasing or selling assets? As a buyer, you need thorough due diligence to understand the risks in what you’re buying. As a seller, you may commission due diligence report to reduce buyers’ costs. Strategex organises due diligence reports, forecasts future expenditure and revenue, and analyses trade-offs between upfront investment and returns. Clients

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aviation activity at sydney airport

Forecasting aviation activity

Do you need aviation activity forecasts? Investors in airports need to understand the drivers of airport revenue. Owners of airports and surrounding property including local governments need to understand impacts on their asset values. Airlines need to optimise plane scheduling. Transport agencies need to understand demand for landside linkages. Aviation activity depends on people choosing

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image Port Melbourne Swanson Dock

Leasing Port of Melbourne

Are you interested in leasing Port of Melbourne? Expressions of interest are likely to be called in mid 2015 and sales process will follow. Valuing the Port of Melbourne will be challenging especially if the lease term is only 40 years. Additional port capacity will be required by 2030 but the Victorian Government and Opposition

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