Strategex is patenting a new method for modelling agents with multiple perspectives. Multi-agent computer control system, Patent pending AU2024900257 owned by Strategex Pty Ltd.

This new method combines both collaboration and competition.

The new method applies to multi-agent systems (MAS): multiple decision-making agents that interact in a shared environment to achieve common or conflicting goals. MAS methodologies can apply to many different applications including: autonomous driving, multi-robot factories, automated trading, non-competitive markets markets, etc. Do you have applications that need to combine collaboration and competition?

The method also applies to artificial intelligence (AI) that (mostly) takes only one perspective, which may not be evident to users and which may be open to bias. One approach to strengthening AI is to take multiple perspectives – which evolve AI towards artificial wisdom (AW). This has not previously been feasible due to the limitations of computational methods for computing competition and collaboration. However Strategex’s new method uses multiple agents to reach agreed positions where possible. What AW do you need?